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Spiral Energy Saving Bulbs For Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom isn't just for sleeping. When lighting a bedroom, you will want to create an overall atmosphere of quiet relaxation, while providing some bright spots for reading and other activities. A combination of general and task lighting that takes into account the age and lifestyle of the occupant(s) is needed. Remember, dimming controls give you the flexibility to vary the light to suit different moods and activities.

How many energy saving  bulbs do you need for your bedroom?

Room Height Wattage of Bulb Distance of Bulb
3 meters 9w,11w 1 meter each
5 meters 15w, 25w 1.5 meter each
8 meters 30w, 45w 2 meter each
10 meters 65w,85w, 105w 3 meter each


A good bedroom lighting scheme uses different kinds of light, set at different levels, that work together to make the space warm, friendly and attractive.

picture (image) of lighting-for-bedroom-room.jpg

The following lighting sources are available for bedroom

Take advantage of the newer, more energy-efficient lighting solutions for residential use, suggests Jinhui energy saving bulbs.

Part A: Energy Saving Bulbs

The compact fluorescent bulb consists of a high performance electronic ballast and a trichromatic fluorescent lamp. The whole unit is compact and simple in construction and highly effective in light emitting, with soft light, excellent chromaticness and low heat-emission. Moreover, it can be instantly started even at a comparatively low temperature or voltage.

Top Selling Spiral Energy Saving Bulbs (Spiral ESB) For Bedroom Lighting

7W-13W small spiral energy saving bulbs

15W-26W standard
spiral energy saving bulbs

9W-13W extreme mini spiral energy saving bulbs

65W-85W powerful spiral energy saving bulbs


Available for the following fixtures:

  • Table Lamps: Bulb, Candle, Mini Global, Mini U Style, Spiral and Column, Mini Flower.
  • Floor Lamps: Bulb, Candle, Global, U Style, Spiral and Column, Circle, Mini Flower.
  • Pendants: Bulb, Candle, Mini Global, Mini U Style, Spiral, Mini Flower.
  • Ceiling Lamps: T Tube, Circle.
  • Wall Sconces: Bulb, Candle, Global, U Style, Spiral and Column, Flower.


PART B: LED Lights

The LED light series provide good light distribution, soft and flattering, yet bright enough for applying writing, reading and so on. The LED lighting application is very popular.

Before you buy the lights for the right application, please think about the factors:

  • Select the proper power which will fit in your room or space.
  • Select the right shape and size which will fit in your light fixture.
  • Select the proper color or color temperature in between the 2700K and 6400K labeled packages.
  • Select the right base for your fixture.
  • Select ENERGY STAR® lights for reliability.

Do not use CFLs in recessed and enclosed fixtures

Recessed light fixtures and fixtures that are completely enclosed (no air flow) are more likely to cause early failure for most CFLs. The additional heat generated by the compact fluorescent bulb in the enclosed fixture is too much for the ballast that is integrated into the base of the bulb. Although the CFL will operate in these fixtures, the life of the bulb will be shortened substantially from its rated life.



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