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Compact Fluorescent Lamps

The compact fluorescent bulb consists of a high performance electronic ballast and a 2U shaped trichromatic fluorescent lamp. The whole unit is compact and simple in construction and highly effective in light emitting, with soft light, excellent chromaticness and low heat-emission. Moreover, it can be instantly started even at a comparatively low temperature or voltage ......

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picture (image) of 2u-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
2U Compact Fluorescent Bulb Light
3W-20W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, 2U Tube

picture (image) of 3u-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
3U Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lamp
5W-26W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, 3U Tube

picture (image) of 4u-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
4U Compact Fluorescent Bulb Light
11W-105W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, 4U Bulb

picture (image) of 6u-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
6U Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb Light (CFL)
11W-20W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, 6U Tube Bulb

picture (image) of spiral-compact-fluorescent-light-group-small.jpg
Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulb (Spiral CFL)
5W-105W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Spiral Tube

picture (image) of reflector-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Reflector Compact Fluorescent Bulb
3W-40W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Reflector Cover

picture (image) of candle-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Compact Fluorescent Candle Bulb
3W-11W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Candle Cover

picture (image) of bulb-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Incandescent Bulb Shaped Compact Fluorescent Bulb
7W-20W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Incandescent Cover

picture (image) of global-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Global Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
5W-24W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Global Cover

picture (image) of column-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Column Compact Fluorescent Bulb Light
5W-20W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Column Cover

picture (image) of circle-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Ring Compact Fluorescent Bulb
22W-54W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Circle Tube

picture (image) of flower-compact-fluorescent-light-group-s.jpg
Lotus Flower Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
9W-105W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Flower Tube Lamp

picture (image) of plug-ballast-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
Electronic Ballast / Plug-in Compact Fluorescent Lamp
5W-26W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Electronic Ballast

picture (image) of t5-t8-t10-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
T5, T8 & T10 Fluorescent Tube
4W-40W, 100-240V, 2700K-6400K, Fluorescent Tube

picture (image) of 2u-compact-fluorescent-bulb-group-s.jpg
12V Compact Fluorescent Bulb
5W-13W, 12V, 2700K-6400K, Energy Saving Lamp

picture (image) of parts-compact-fluorescent-bulb-s.jpg
Lamps Parts And Raw Materials
Parts and Raw Materials for Energy Saving Lamps

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